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You laughed as Andy told another joke that was so stupid it was funny. “Andy where do you get this?” The words were slurred seeing as you were slightly drunk. Andy on the other hand was completely shit faced drunk. “Like everywhere and shit.” He stayed silent for a moment, seeming deep into though. “Hey (Y/N)….” He said softly. “Yeah Andy?” There was another long pause. “I’ve never know how to tell you but… We’ve been best friends for like…. ever… But as of recent I’ve come to like you a lot like, love you really.” Your jaw dropped in shock. He laughed a bit but then he started to fall asleep and about 20 minutes later he was out stone cold. You got up and grabbed a blanket and out it over him and just looked and then walked out the front door.

*next morning*

You knocked on Andy’s door and waited. “Who is it?” You heard Andy’s voice croak. “It’s me (Y/N).” He opened the door slowly to let you in. “Well aren’t you beautiful Andy?” You giggled “Oh shut it.” He replied back jokingly. You sat down and waited for him to. Your mind was racing at what you were about to say. After a long time he sat down, “Hey Andy I got a question…” He looked up and raised an eyebrow. “Last night you said that you loved me…” Your voice trailed off and he looked startled. “I uh…. Um well, yeah it’s true but I mean I don’t even know why I would say that I mean I bet you don’t ev-” You cut him off with a kiss and he made it deep. After a long time he pulled away breathing heavily. “Andy I love you too…” He smiled pulling you in again, his hands moving up your shirt. You smiled and pulled away from the kiss. He smiled and picked you up bridal style and carried you into his room and laid you on the bed. “Are you sure you want this (Y/N)?” You nodded and he smiled and went over and started taking your shirt off and then your bra. “Wow…. They’re nice…” He bent his head down to suck on one of your nipples which caused you to gasp. He lightly bit it and then went to the other breast. Soon you felt his hand go down your body only to unbutton your shorts and slowly slide them down. You sat up. “Andy your turn.” You took his shirt off and then slid his pants off. You smiled as you looked and saw he had a large bulge in his boxers. Slowly you slid them down and his erected member sprung out. You smiled and he slid your panties down and laid you down on your back and positioned himself over you. You looked into his eyes and soon he ceased his lips on yours and slid into you making you break the kiss and moan loudly. “FUCK!” He smiled and let you adjust before starting to thrust quickly. “Oh (Y/N) you’re so damn tight!” He kept thrusting, going harder. “Fuck Andy don’t stop!” He smiled and put his head by your ear and nibbled at it. “Andy I’m getting closer!” He nibbled a bit more. “Hold it love…” He said as he went faster making you moan loud enough the neighbors could probably hear you. “Andy!” His thrusts got sloppy as he got closer. “(Y/N)… I’m gonna-” he slammed in as deep as possible as he came, filling you up as you came as well each other’s names falling heavily from each other’s lips as well as many curse words. He pulled out and laid next to you and pulled a blanket over you and pulled you close to cuddle. “That was great love.” He said as he smiled “It was…. Let’s do it again soon.” He nodded as y’all cuddled and fell asleep.

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